10 Signs You Might Need Dentures

10 Signs You Might Need Dentures

Apr 04, 2022

Since time immemorial, dentures in Markham, ON, have always been associated with elderly people. This is because missing teeth was a thing that plagued people as they aged. However, we live in a time where old age is no longer the leading cause of missing teeth, but gum disease and cavities have taken the lead.

Another misconception was that most people who wear dentures were not caring for their teeth as they should. This is hardly the case today. Accidents happen and might cause you to need to replace missing teeth using partial dentures.

The only good news is that tooth loss never occurs overnight, not unless you have been involved in an accident. This means that you can avoid certain scenarios that can cause tooth loss. So do you think that you keep your teeth? Check out these warning signs that indicate that you might need dentures in the future.

  1. You Rarely Visit Our Dentist

It may seem trivial, but visiting our dentist at least twice a year is crucial if you keep your smile intact. Some issues may be developing without your knowledge. So this is where our dentist comes in. Issues like tooth decay and gum disease, the main causes of tooth loss, will be put in check. Sadly, not even half of the population visits a dentist.

If you let these issues escalate, you will inevitably need overdentures, partial dentures, or full dentures in Markham, ON.

  1. Your Gums Are Swollen, Red, Tender, or Bleeding

If you experience the above, know that you are exhibiting the classic symptoms of gingivitis (gum inflammation) and the initial stage of gum disease. It may come as a shock to you, but gum disease is not a rare thing. It affects nearly one out of four people at one point in their lives, hence why most people lose their teeth because of gum disease.

But, don’t lose heart! It doesn’t mean that you will automatically need dentures if you have gum disease. If caught early, gum disease can be treated, and you will not need dentures. If not, it can lead to bone loss and eventually tooth loss.

  1. You Have Shifting or Loose Teeth

Your teeth may begin to shift positions, and you might not even have a clue. The subtle changes to the positions of your teeth are what make gum disease deadly.

When you have loose teeth, it is an indication that you have advanced gum disease, at least in that specific area. You might need extensive treatment that might include extraction, and you will need dentures to replace the missing teeth.

  1. You Have a Persistent Toothache

Severe pain is also something that might indicate that there is something terribly wrong with your teeth. It usually indicates that there is deep decay that has reached the nerves. If caught and treated early, you might need a filling. If not, a root canal may be the best option. If it’s not, you might have to undergo a tooth extraction.

  1. You’re Having Difficulty Eating Chewy or Hard Foods

Difficulty chewing hard or chewy foods indicates a cracked tooth, cavities, or gum disease. If the problem is caught early, removing the tooth will not be an option since there are options such as root canal therapy. But if you don’t, you are bound to lose your teeth.

  1. You Are Already Missing a Tooth

If you are missing two or more teeth, you might need a tooth replacement sooner rather than later. The pressure on the other teeth will be too great and put you at risk of losing other teeth. It’s a domino effect!

  1. You Are Self-Conscious About Your Smile

Some patients may not be happy about their smile and would love to alter the appearance in some instances. It might be that the teeth are damaged due to decay or missing, so you might wish to revamp your smile. Modern dentures are amazing since they are more life-like and aesthetically pleasing, so your smile will look amazing if you get a new set.

  1. You Have Indigestion

If you have recurring indigestion or stomachaches, it might mean that your teeth are not functioning as they should. Therefore, the food is not being chewed to make digestion easier. Getting dentures might help solve this problem.

  1. Altered Facial Structure

You might sometimes put off getting a tooth replacement because you might think that it’s not necessary. However, if you look in the mirror, you might start realizing that your facial muscles are sagging, advancing the aging process. Dentures will help restore your facial structure.

  1. Gaps Between Your Teeth Become Wider

Can you remember how your teeth looked a few years ago? If you notice a change in the spaces between your teeth, it means that you have gum disease or another health issue that has caused tooth loss. The affected teeth may need to be extracted, so replacing the missing teeth with dentures will be the next best solution.

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