An Overview of the Various Types of Oral Surgery

An Overview of the Various Types of Oral Surgery

Jun 01, 2020

Oral surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed either around or in your jaw and mouth by a dental profession depending on the type of surgery to be performed while maxillofacial surgery is performed on your face, jaw or head.

Types of Oral Surgery

    1. Tooth Extraction

It is one of the most common surgeries done on patients. The procedure involves removing teeth from the mouth. Tooth extraction may be necessary for certain situations. In cases where the tooth is decayed, cracked or infected, you might need to get the tooth removed. Overcrowding teeth maybe extracted in order to provide adequate space.

    1. Jaw Realignment Surgery

Misalignment of the jaw can be as a result of physical trauma, or it may just grow in awkward alignment. This surgery repositions the lower and upper jaws so as to attain proper alignment. The surgery aids in chewing and swallowing and also facilitates clearer speech.

    1. Impacted Wisdom Teeth Refurbish

Wisdom teeth can be a problem sometimes, especially when they crowd. In unusual situations,issues may arise because they failed to erupt. In conditions where wisdom tooth does not grow out,it may cause issues with the jaw, gums and teeth surrounding it. It can lead to decay, infection, misalignment and other problems. Repair of impacted wisdom teeth is associated with cutting into the gums and removing the teeth that are yet to erupt.

    1. Dental Implants

This procedure involves permanently inserting a synthetic tooth into the jawbone and gums. This is the best replacement option and long-lasting to patients who have lost their teeth. First, the decayed tooth is removed then a metal rod is inserted into the jawbone and left for some months to heal. After the metal rod has amalgamated with the jawbone, the next step is to place the synthetic implant over it.

    1. Apicoectomy

A root canal is administered when the pulp within the tooth is infected. An apicoectomyis a process in which the tip of the tooth is extracted and filled with synthetic substance. The decay is stopped and therefore allowing an implant to be infused without causing any problems. Apicoectomies are mostly performed by an oral surgeon.

Benefits of Oral Surgery

  • Replacement of a single tooth: Replacing a missing tooth with an implant is a successful and long-term treatment.
  • It restores deficits and avoids any permanent damage: Mandibular and maxillary jaw problems can progress; if they are not treated, they could worsen. L-PRF is an innovative treatment which can help treat defects in the bone before they become worse and improve the bones that might have already started causing problems. There are various types of bone grafting and soft tissue grafts that can replace the tissue that was lost. This restores your smile and beauty.
  • Addresses the underlying problem: Oral surgery addresses not only the symptom but also the underlying problem.
  • Helps to restore positive self-image and self-confidence:When oral surgery is done right, it can regain the lost appearance, beauty and smile and therefore increasing one’s self-esteem and positive self-image.
  • It prevents tooth loss: Tooth that has been lost to infection or injury can be restored.
  • Restores your smile:Conditions that may affect your smile, for example, jaw misalignment, a visible tumor on the lip or missing teeth can result in anxiety. Oral surgery helps restore your smile.

Things You Should Do Before an Oral Surgery

  1. Carefully read through the pre-op instructions
  2. Pick up the medication in advance to avoid any movement out of the house after the surgery has been done
  3. Ask a friend or a family member to accompany you to the dentist’s office so that they can give you a ride back home
  4. Go to a grocery store and buy foods that will help you as you recover. You should avoid any acidic or spicy foods.
  5. It is not recommendable to drink or eat anything at least eight hours before the surgery.
  6. Smoking any tobacco products is discouraged.

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