At home Preventive Dentistry Practices for Good Oral Health

At home Preventive Dentistry Practices for Good Oral Health

May 01, 2023

Taking proper care of teeth is an excellent way to reduce trips to the dental office while keeping them healthy. It will help you save money in the long term. Preventive dentistry focuses on the importance of maintaining good dental hygiene and everyday practices. At-home oral care is the best way to prevent serious dental health problems and keep up with a healthy mouth.

Advantages of Preventive Dental Services

Below are the benefits of preventive dentistry in Markham, ON:

Brush Teeth Two Times Daily

The essential part of preventive dentistry includes brushing teeth. Make sure you use the right way to brush your teeth i.e., using a 2-2 rule. It means doing it for at least 2 minutes in the morning to get rid of the bad breath and at night to say bye-bye to plaque and grime to bacterial buildup on the teeth. Doing this will minimize the risk of gum diseases and cavity formation.

Also, make sure you change your toothbrush or its head every three months. It’s because, with time, bacteria can collect their teeth and no longer effectively clean teeth.

Avoid Teeth Grinding or Clenching

If you notice a headache or jaw ache, it indicates you might be grinding or clenching your teeth at night time. The stress of grinding teeth causes significant wear and tear on the teeth. To fix these chips or cracks, dental experts at New Delhi Dental recommend cosmetic dental treatments like porcelain veneers or crowns.

Consider Dental Insurance

Another part of preventive dental care includes considering dental insurance. It will not just encourage you for routine dental checkups but minimizes the dental treatment cost also.

Cut Down Your Sugar Intake

Try to consume less sugar daily. According to the American Heart Association, women don’t take more than 100 calories of sugar a day. Usually, when we consume sugary food and beverages, it causes plaque buildup on the teeth. It ultimately declines your dental and overall health. When buying foods, read the labels carefully because they might have added sugar.

Get a Fluoride Treatment

Receiving a fluoride treatment is shown to minimize the risk of cavity formation by 30%. The dentist at New Delhi Dental advises getting fluoride treatments for teens and kids yearly. This natural mineral fights the bacteria that damage gums and teeth. The in-office procedure contains a high fluoride concentration that helps to minimize the risk of cavities while improving dental health. It can be in gel solution, varnish, or foam form.

Consume a Well-Balanced Diet

Starchy and sugary foods can result in plaque accumulation. It converts to tartar and causes damage to the teeth. Therefore, make sure you prefer a highly nutritious diet. It will include a good portion of veggies, proteins, and calcium in your diet. Furthermore, to avoid damage to your teeth, say no to soda, candies, and foods rich in carbohydrates.

Avoid Regular Dental Cleanings and Exams

Do not skip appointments for dental exams and cleanings at New Delhi Dental. During this, he/she eliminates tartar and plaque accumulation beneath the gum lining and teeth. The expert will also evaluate your mouth to identify the existing dental issues and advise the necessary dental treatment.

Consider Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are the best way to protect the chewing surfaces of back permanent teeth. It helps to protect against tooth decay and wear. The sealants are beneficial for both teenagers and kids.

Quit Smoking

Chewing tobacco and smoking can result in discoloration of the tooth, gum diseases, dry mouth, mouth cancer, or tooth loss. Other negative effects include dental health problems like diabetes, heart disease, heart stroke, etc. Smoking also significantly impacts your eligibility to receive dental treatments like implants.

Invest in Mouthguards

To protect your teeth against trauma when playing contact sports, it is essential to invest in a sports mouthguard. Today, there are different brands available to choose from. Other guards are also available to protect against teeth clenching and grinding. The patient needs to wear them mainly at night.

Floss Daily

Along with brushing your teeth, it is also crucial to floss daily. If you fail to do it, plaque, food bits, and bacteria will accumulate in your gums and teeth. It ultimately results in numerous dental issues.

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