Benefits of Getting Dental X-Rays Done by a Dentist for Oral Health Checkups

Benefits of Getting Dental X-Rays Done by a Dentist for Oral Health Checkups

Dec 01, 2022

Dental x-rays are routinely taken because they are essential and valuable tools to identify dental health issues anyone might be experiencing. Unfortunately, many dentists still use traditional x-rays when taking images of patient’s teeth. Although conventional x-rays are effective and provide the pictures dentists need, many people have expressed apprehensions about radiation exposure from outdated technology. Fortunately, advances in dentistry currently make available digital x-rays enabling dentists to capture images of their patient’s mouths and teeth by minimizing the patient’s exposure to radiation while getting better pictures that provide many benefits.

Many dentists have invested considerable amounts in the new technology to ease patient apprehension about radiation exposure while reaping similar benefits for themselves because of the advantages of digital x-ray technology.

When taking images of the patient’s mouth, digital radiography is used by digital x-rays. This is in contrast to conventional x-rays using films. Digital radiography uses sensors of digital X-rays to capture significantly enhanced pictures of a dental patient’s mouth. The improved images enable dental professionals to view photos of the interior of a patient’s tooth and gums besides the jaw.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Digital X-Rays Done?


Digital x-rays cause merely 10 percent radiation exposure than conventional technology. It indicates the patient’s radiation exposure is reduced by 90 percent eliminating apprehensions in their minds about their safety when the dentist takes images of their teeth, mouth, and jaws when examining them during the year or six monthly dental appointments.

Immediate Access

A conventional teeth x-ray in Canada requires patients to endure radiation exposure, wait for the technicians to develop the images on film and revert to the dentist before they receive a diagnosis of what’s wrong in their mouth. The slow speeds of capturing the pictures, processing them and reverting to the dentist wastes time and money for patients and the dentist. In contrast, x-rays taken using digital radiography are available instantly for viewing and processing because the dentist captures multiple images simultaneously, making them visible on a computer screen to dramatically reduce the time required for collecting x-rays minimizing waiting time and allowing the dentist to treat more patients during the day than with conventional x-rays. In addition, it enables patients to complete their appointments faster and move over to other activities that need their attention.

Clearer Images

Digital x-rays provide clear images enabling dentists to view problems that might not be visible even on conventional x-rays. When capturing digital x-rays in Markham, ON, the dentist has a comprehensive view of the problem on and between your teeth, gums, and jaws, allowing them to provide adequate dental care because of the technology the practice invests in. The images, besides being clear, can also be edited to improve the picture by enlarging, sharpening, colouring, or presenting them on a negative to identify dental problems and suggest treatment solutions. When editing the images, the x-ray management software doesn’t change the data on the dentist’s computer.

Environmentally Friendly

Conventional x-rays use approximately 28 million litres of hazardous x-ray fixers, according to the eco-dentistry Association. The chemicals used when taking traditional x-rays include ammonium thiocyanate and boric anhydride. These harmful chemicals can irritate the eyes, respiratory system, and skin if ingested or inhaled because they are incredibly detrimental. In addition, research from various sources reveals that the chemicals are harmful to the thyroid, blood, liver, and kidneys and can result in organ damage from repeated or prolonged exposure. Thankfully x-rays with digital technology contribute to a healthier environment and safety for everyone.

Space Saver

Conventional x-rays need separate rooms for capturing the images and storage space for the pictures. Dentists must also invest in disposal techniques for the chemicals used when capturing the pictures because the chemicals are hazardous and cannot be disposed of without proper care. It increases expenditure for the dentist and requires them to invest in infrastructure to maintain and process x-rays taken on films.

On the other hand, digital x-rays of the patient’s mouth captured by the Markham dentist can be conveniently stored on a hard drive making it easier for the dentist to view them when necessary and even exchange them with different medical professionals for a second opinion if required when taking complicated cases. The benefit also eliminates carrying old x-rays when visiting dentists for appointments or dealing with the problem of lost pictures.

Conventional x-rays are not inferior or unsuitable for dental patients. However, digital x-rays offer several advantages over traditional technology, making them a preferred option among many patients and dentists because it allows them to receive and provide faster treatments in shorter appointments.

If you are apprehensive about conventional x-rays, New Delhi Dental has invested in digital radiography to enable you to receive faster treatments during your appointment. If you want more information about digital radiography and haven’t had an x-ray done recently, call this practice to schedule your appointment today.

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