Important Tips to Follow before Visiting an Emergency Dentist in a Dental Emergency

Important Tips to Follow before Visiting an Emergency Dentist in a Dental Emergency

Jan 09, 2023

Sudden loss of a tooth, unbearable dental pain, dental abscess, and broken teeth indicate the signs of a dental emergency. Knowing when to visit the dentist and the emergency dental office can save you a lot of confusion. Rather than waiting for a few days or weeks to fix an appointment with the general dentist, the emergency dentist is available to see you right away. By planning ahead, you can make sure your emergency dental visit goes well.

What Should I Do Right Before Going to the Dentist?

Here is how you can ensure a hassle-free visit to the emergency dentist:

Manage the Bleeding

During a knocked-out tooth or other dental trauma, bleeding is common. Always use a gauze pad and try putting pressure on the area that bleeds till you visit the emergency dental office near you. When the bleeding becomes uncontrollable, see the emergency room instead of the emergency dentist.

Save the Knocked Out Teeth, Dental Fillings, and Crowns

In case of a knocked-out tooth, filling or crown, make sure you keep it clean before visiting the emergency office. It will allow the dental professional to reposition or reapply the restoration instead of replacing it.

Bring the Dislodged or Broken Teeth to the Emergency Clinic

If you have damaged or lost teeth, bring them with you to the emergency dental clinic. Before that, you must save the fragments or the teeth, rinse and store them in milk or warm water. If required, you can take the necessary pain reliever or stick the dental wax or chewing gum on the top of the leftover tooth.

Keep Your Mouth Clean Using a Salt Water Solution

It is essential to keep the mouth bacteria-free regardless of the dental urgency due to the dental abscess or impact on the face. You can do this by using a saltwater solution. However, make sure you do not eat anything that could cause discomfort, pain, or irritation to the affected region.

Floss and Brush as You Do to Eradicate the Discomfort from Gum Abscess

If you have gum abscess, floss and brush your teeth normally. Fix your appointment with our family dentist expert in emergency dentistry in Markham, ON for the next day. Till then, avoid popping out the gum abscess.

Speak to the Dentist Immediately About the Pulpal Abscess

If you experience irritation when chewing or biting food, sensitivity to the temperature, or random tooth pain, speak to the dentist right away. These signs could be of an inner tooth abscess. It requires emergency treatment as soon as possible. But till you see the emergency dental clinic, avoid visiting the endodontist because it could need root canal therapy.

Manage Face Swelling

In case of swelling to the face, it can indicate a mouth infection. Take a lot of fluids or water to keep yourself hydrated. Also, if you are sleeping, keep yourself in an upright position. If other signs of infection are there, speak to the dental expert immediately.

You can use a cold compress or ice pack and put it on the swelled area or where there is dental damage. It will help you feel better and minimize swelling. But avoid putting the ice directly on the skin and for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Bring a Family Member, Close friend or Colleague with You

A lot of emergency dental treatments are invasive. It is mainly the case if the expert uses sedation dentistry. Therefore, it’s best to talk to a family member, friend, or colleague about your treatment and ask them to drive you to and from the dental clinic.

Manage Tooth Pain with Pain Relievers

Take the required pain-killing medicines to get rid of the tooth pain temporarily. Use an ice pack in the affected region and wash the mouth with warm water. Also, floss to eradicate the leftover food bits. But avoid consuming foods that can cause irritation or applying heat or pain-relieving medicine directly on the irritated area.

Don’t Postpone Your Emergency Treatment

When there is a dental emergency, you require prompt treatment. Delaying it could make your situation worse. Therefore, for the best outcome, call our emergency dentist immediately. Emergency dental clinics like New Delhi Dental operate outside the regular hours of operation and provide high-quality services to patients with urgent dental needs.

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