Is Tooth Contouring Beneficial for Your Smile?

Is Tooth Contouring Beneficial for Your Smile?

Oct 11, 2021

If you want to boost your self-confidence and feel better about the appearance of your teeth, the cosmetic dental procedure of tooth contouring proves beneficial to improve the appearance of your smile. Many people rely on orthodontic treatments to enhance their smiles. However, if you want a low-cost alternative instead of investing in orthodontic treatments, you can prefer this cosmetic treatment, also called dental contouring.

Cosmetic contouring teeth, also called odontoplasty, are convenient and a low-cost cosmetic dentistry process to fix checked, misaligned, uneven, or cracked teeth. The procedure is quick and painless, involving removing some tooth enamel before shaping and lengthening the affected tooth. To achieve the desired shape, the dentist in Markham, ON, may apply a tooth-coloured bonding resin to your teeth before hardening them.

Are You a Candidate for Tooth Contouring?

It is essential to realize tooth contouring helps to correct minor or subtle imperfections on your teeth. Therefore it is not an option for significant dental problems. If you have overlapping teeth or severely crooked or misaligned teeth, are Markham dentist suggests orthodontic braces or alternative treatments instead of tooth contouring.

You must have healthy teeth and gums if you intend to undergo teeth reshaping near you. The procedure entails removing tooth enamel from your teeth. The Markham dentist refuses to perform tooth contouring if you have tooth decay, unhealthy gums, or infected pulp.

The Functioning of Tooth Contouring

For the better part, tooth contouring in Markham, ON, is a straightforward and speedy process. Firstly the dentist examines and x-rays your teeth to evaluate the health of your teeth and gums. Your enamel also undergoes an examination to determine whether it is sufficiently healthy for tooth contouring. If your enamel has weakened or is thin, the dentist recommends other procedures like dental veneers.

If your teeth, gums, and enamel are healthy, the dentist from New Delhi dental begins the process of removing tooth enamel using a sanding disc. The sanding procedure helps minimize imperfections in the tooth.

Next, the dentist trims or shortens the length of longer teeth besides shaping and smoothing uneven teeth to improve alignment and bite. Finally, if you have chipped teeth or gaps between your teeth, the dentist combines tooth contouring with bonding.

Caring for Your Teeth after Undergoing Enameloplasty

Tooth contouring is an excellent way to enhance the shape and appearance of your teeth. However, if you intend to maintain the results of tooth contouring, also called enameloplasty, excellent after-care is essential. The Markham dentist provides sufficient after-care infections for you to follow to care for your reshaped teeth.

Tooth contouring does not require any downtime. However, you may experience minor sensitivity for around 24 hours of the procedure. If your dentist combined bonding with the contouring, the bonding resin hardens during the process but remains vulnerable to chipping and cracking. You can lower the risk by staying away from eating hard foods, chewing gum, biting your fingernails.

The risk of staining your teeth also exists with bonding. Therefore you must ensure you brush your teeth at least twice a day to avoid teeth discoloration. You must also avoid staining foods and beverages like coffee and red wine.

Tooth Contouring Benefits

The most significant benefit of tooth contouring is the non-invasive nature of this procedure. Tooth contouring is a simple and straightforward cosmetic procedure making it inexpensive than other options helpful for repairing chips, cracks, and overlapping teeth. In addition, the process is painless, requiring no anesthesia or painkillers and usually completed in one visit to the Markham dentist, making it an excellent choice for you if you are overly anxious about dental visits.

As dental contouring helps repair crooked overlapping teeth, you reduce the potential for future decay and expenditure associated with dental treatments for correcting the problems. Over and above, the reshaping process instantly enhances your smile, providing permanent results requiring no additional work to the contoured teeth later.

Tooth Contouring Downsides

Tooth contouring also has its downsides because while making subtle changes to your teeth and alleviating the requirement for orthodontic braces, the treatment itself can set you back by $ 50-$ 300 per tooth. You do not receive any reimbursement from your dental insurer because it is considered a cosmetic procedure. If you undergo tooth contouring from an inexperienced dentist, the risk of the dentist removing too much enamel exists, leaving you experiencing sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

Before you decide tooth contouring is an option, you must consider understanding the benefits and downsides of the procedure before going ahead and getting yourself evaluated by the dentist to get your teeth reshaped.


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