Pain Management: Tips for Comfortable Tooth Implant Procedure

Pain Management: Tips for Comfortable Tooth Implant Procedure

Aug 01, 2023

If seeking a replacement for a missing tooth with dental implants, you can rest assured you will have a comfortable tooth implant procedure. When consulting the dentist in Markham for the replacement teeth, the dentist will inquire into your entire health history and discuss anesthesia options to ensure comfort during dental implant placement.

Although the dentist determines the potency of anesthesia suitable for you can request more profound anesthesia if you think your anxiety level is higher, confident that your request will be accommodated.

When seeking a missing tooth replacement, it helps if you worry about the pain you will experience after the relatively straightforward procedure to embed the implant in your jaw. Depending on how many implants you need, the dentist completes the surgery within one or two hours, giving you adequate anesthesia to ensure you are relaxed and entirely calm during the surgery. However, implant placement comes with some discomforting aftereffects. Pain management is crucial for successful recovery. This blog explains how to manage pain after dental implant placement to ensure you can enjoy the advantages of this beneficial procedure.

Pain Management Tips After Tooth Implant Procedure

  • Take the Medications Prescribed: after completing dental implant surgery, the Markham dentist prescribes painkillers and antibiotics to help alleviate pain and prevent infections. You must follow the dentist’s instructions to the letter T taking all medications as suggested. Your recovery becomes comfortable when you take the pain relievers and prevents escalation of discomfort.
  • Cold Compresses: cold compresses like an ice pack applied on the cheeks and jaw area can help alleviate swelling and pain. Repeatedly use the cold compresses intermittently for 15 minutes on and off several times daily during the initial 24 hours after the surgical procedure. After a day of cold compresses, you can switch to heat for relief.
  • Rest: as you recover, it is essential to rest to allow your body time to heal from the surgery. Therefore it helps if you do not over-exert your body by exercising or indulging in strenuous activities to prevent additional strain on your sore jaw. When sleeping, use extra pillows to elevate your head to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid Crunchy Foods: after receiving dental implants in Markham, ON, you must rely on a diet of soft foods for several days as your mouth remains sore. To avoid additional pain, you can have foods like scrambled eggs, smoothies, oatmeal, soups without meat chunks, or vegetables by blending them in a food processor. It would be best to avoid drinks like alcohol, coffee, and hot beverages for several days to prevent complications from developing in your mouth.
  • Cleaning around the Implant Site: Brushing gently around the implant site helps remove food particles and bacteria in your mouth to prevent infections from developing. You can use an antibacterial mouthwash suggested by the Markham dentist without considering over-the-counter brands containing alcohol that might interact with your medications.

If you follow the above-described tips after your tooth implant procedure, you can rest assured you will have a comfortable recovery to start your journey to receive your artificial tooth as soon as possible.

How Discomforting Is Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental implant surgery requires drilling your jawbone to insert a biocompatible titanium post which integrates with your jawbone to start functioning as your natural missing tooth. Dentists know the surgical procedure is excruciating and take adequate steps to ensure you do not endure discomfort when embedding the titanium post and inserting sutures to close the incision.

You receive anesthesia in the mouth and intravenous or oral sedation to calm you before the dentist starts the process. The anesthesia helps block pain impulses from the surgical site even as you stay calm and relaxed without moving in the dentist’s chair. Your mouth remains numb for another four to six hours before you regain a sense of your mouth and start feeling the discomfort of the surgery. It is time for you to start taking the painkillers before the discomfort worsens. You will likely experience discomfort until 72 hours before the pain begins to subside. However, follow the pain management tips suggested in this blog. You can reduce your pain to speed up your recovery, making it easier to start enjoying life again with your artificial teeth.

If you are contemplating replacing a missing tooth with dental implants, New Delhi Dental can help you accomplish your goal. Consult with them today to start planning your dental implant procedure and receive suggestions on how to manage pain after your surgery from them.

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