Cosmetic Dentistry in Markham, ON

Cosmetic Dentistry in Markham, ON

Cosmetic dentistry consists of procedures that result in the improvement of the appearance of a smile. At New Delhi Dental – your nearest cosmetic dentist in Markham where you can find several services to give you the beautiful smile that you want.

Teeth whitening

This is one of the most popular procedures of cosmetic dentistry in Markham. There are many methods of teeth whitening available over the counter, such as toothpaste, mouthwashes, gels, or strips, but a professional teeth whitening procedure is the only way to achieve a dramatically brighter smile quickly and safely. A whitening solution that contains an active ingredient called hydrogen peroxide is applied to effectively whiten teeth that have been stained by foods, drinks, medications, and personal habits like smoking.

Inlays and onlays

Also known as indirect fillings because they are made in a dental laboratory, inlays and onlays are placed on a tooth to address mild to moderate decay. They can also be used to restore a damaged tooth and are preferred over dental crowns because they preserve more of the natural tooth structure. Inlays and onlays also help to strengthen teeth, restore their shape, and avoid further damage from decay.


Dental veneers are one method of treating small imperfections and making cosmetic improvements to a smile. They are custom-made ceramic shells that are fixed to the front of the teeth to address chips, cracks, and other damage in teeth as well as gapped or crooked teeth.

Composite bonding

One of the most affordable and versatile procedures of cosmetic dentistry, bonding refers to the application of composite material to the tooth’s surface. It is used to repair decayed, damaged, or discolored teeth and can also be used to build up teeth that have been worn down. Bonding creates a natural-looking restoration because the material used is tooth-colored.

Tooth replacement

Missing teeth can be inconvenient in addition to being unattractive. At New Delhi Dental, we offer several options for restoring the look and function of missing teeth. Bridges and dentures are two popular options that are sufficiently effective, but for a more stable option, dental implants are a great choice. They are more expensive but feel more like natural teeth.

If you in search of a Markham cosmetic dentist, visit us at New Delhi Dental. Our professionals can help you find the treatment that will give you a smile you’ll love in Markham.

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