Dental Fillings in Markham, ON

Dental Fillings in Markham, ON

Fillings are used to repair cracked or broken teeth. Dental fillings fill the area of the tooth where the decayed material once lived.

  • Repair decayed teeth
  • Fix any tooth damage that has occurred
  • Restore full function of the affected tooth

You can expect to speak and eat as you normally would after the procedure. Any discomfort you experience prior to the filling should be eliminated completely. Since your tooth should be restored completely to full function, there is no need for further treatment. However, you can still develop a cavity elsewhere on the tooth.

Dental Fillings in Markham

Fillings are very durable and are made to last. In fact, dental fillings can last decades. At New Delhi Dental, we offer two types of filling materials:

Traditional Silver Amalgam: Metal Tooth Fillings are the traditional filling made of a combination of silver, copper, tin, and mercury. Also known as silver fillings, this is the preferred choice for filling cavities in back teeth and below the gum line. Traditional amalgam is more durable and the least expensive filling material. Silver fillings also require less time to place.

White Composite Resin: Tooth-colored fillings at New Delhi Dental are the popular choice. Patients like that the composite material is virtually invisible. Today, white fillings are used more often than traditional metal fillings. This is due to aesthetic appeal. However, the composite resin is costlier than silver amalgam and is not as long-lasting. What’s more, not all insurance providers will cover the cost of white dental fillings.

Fillings at New Delhi Dental

Call New Delhi Dental to learn more about the benefits of dental fillings. Your family dentist in Markham will help you determine the best filling material for you. The best Tooth Filling type will depend on the size and location of the cavity. In addition, your dental insurance coverage and cosmetic preferences must be considered.

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