Digital X-Rays in Markham, ON

Digital X-Rays in Markham, ON

Each time you go to the family dentist, they examine your mouth and make sure your teeth are healthy. Often, an x-ray is done. Dental X-rays done at New Delhi Dental are performed using digital x-rays, which make them more comfortable and give a clearer picture of the mouth.

The Latest Technology

Our office uses the latest dental technology possible, which is why we have chosen to use digital x-rays instead of traditional machines. Older equipment is slower and doesn’t allow as clear or as complete of a picture of the mouth as newer technology. This could result in several pictures of your teeth needing to be taken before the area the dentist needs to see is clear enough. Digital x-rays are fast, very accurate, and give our dentists a full picture of each patient’s mouth without having to take multiple images.

Are These X-Rays Safe?

While traditional x-rays can expose the body to doses of high radiation, there is nothing to worry about with digital x-rays. The cones are focused on a very small area, so there is much less radiation coming in contact with the body. In fact, the amount of radiation is reduced by more than 90 percent in most cases, making digital x-rays completely safe and highly effective. Children won’t have to sit still for several minutes – it only takes seconds to get a full view of the mouth, which will help us ensure that your oral health is maintained.

How Often Are X-Rays Needed?

Your dentist will typically perform an x-ray when you visit the clinic for your biannual exams and cleanings. These help pinpoint areas that may have developed problems, and allow them to diagnose diseases and recommend treatment options. There is no set recommendation on the number of x-rays a patient may receive. Therefore, it is determined based on your dentist’s recommendations as well as the specifics of your treatment plan. If you need any procedures done, or if you have oral health issues, a dental professional may need to perform more x-rays.

If you are interested in learning about how our dental professionals can keep your teeth healthy using digital x-rays, contact our office to schedule an appointment today.

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