Emergency Dentistry in Markham, ON

Emergency Dentistry in Markham, ON

At New Delhi Dental in Markham, ON, we realize that dental emergencies can be very tough. Our first piece of advice is that patients need to take a deep breath and remain calm. Some first aid measures can make you feel better and help control the situation. You should then look for a dentist near you who can handle the dental emergency as soon as possible.

At our emergency dental clinic in Markham, we offer same-day tooth extraction treatment. We provide a wide variety of services at our dental clinic. Patients see us for fillings, crowns, and root canal treatments every day. One of our goals is to provide emergency dentistry in Markham, ON. This helps us serve our community better. Delaying treatment of a cavity for a few days isn’t significant, but dental emergencies need to be seen as soon as possible.

First Aid Measures

At New Delhi Dental, we advise patients to stay calm so they can think clearly during these rough times. What you should do will depend on the situation. For those who experienced trauma to the face, the problem might be a knocked-out or loose tooth. A knocked-out or loose tooth should be kept in its socket. You can keep it in place by using it to bite on clean gauze.

Are you having trouble keeping the knocked-out tooth in its place? You can put it in a clean container and cover it with milk or saliva. If you’re experiencing bleeding from your mouth due to trauma or another problem, you should compress the area. Compression will slow down bleeding and allow clot formation.

Visit Our Dental Office

Our emergency dentist in Markham can usually accommodate dental emergencies. Patients can’t make appointments in advance because they never know when an emergency is going to happen. That’s why we leave room in our daily schedule for these visits. Our dentists have plenty of training and experience in treating emergencies. The office also has all the tools they need.

When you visit a walk-in dentist for an emergency, the definitive treatment will depend based on the situation. We’ll need to assess the situation carefully and make our recommendations accordingly. A dental emergency isn’t a diagnosis. It simply means that the current problem has to be dealt with quickly. Making an accurate diagnosis is part of the plan.

We’ll start by giving you painkillers to ease tooth pain and help you calm down. Most patients require mild painkillers and potentially local anesthesia if we’re going to perform a procedure that could be painful.

Broken and Loose Teeth

The good news is that a broken or loose tooth doesn’t mean it has to be extracted. We can often repair broken teeth using dental bonding or cover them up using veneers. Thanks to composite resin, we can perform dental bonding to replace missing parts of broken and chipped teeth. Dental bonding is also useful in cracked teeth and when there are large gaps.

Veneers are cosmetic so they won’t fix the underlying tooth. Instead, they’ll make it look better. Veneers are thin dental appliances that are placed on the front surfaces of teeth. They’re also used in teeth whitening.

Loose teeth can often be repaired so they don’t fall. It’s even possible to put knocked-out teeth back in their places sometimes. If the damage is beyond repair, we’ll need to remove the loose tooth and start considering replacement options like dental implants, bridges, and dentures. Dental implants are popular and very effective at replacing missing teeth. We first place a titanium screw into the jawbone then use a crown to cover it. Implants look just like natural teeth and last many years.

Emergency Dental Infections

A dental abscess or severe periodontal disease need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Postponing treatment could lead to the affection of the jawbones or the spread of the infection to distant parts of the body. An abscess will most likely need to be drained while periodontal infections will need root scaling and planing.

Through root scaling and planing, we’ll remove plaque and tartar to help eliminate the source of infection. Additional antibiotics might be used in periodontal infections and abscesses. Our goal is to treat the infection and restore teeth to their previous healthy state.

Get in touch with us if you need urgent dental help. We’ll let you know when you can come in and give you some advice to follow. Your dental health is our priority, and we’ll do all we can to help.

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