Root Canal Treatment in Markham, ON

Root Canal Treatment in Markham, ON

Root canals are meant to save your teeth from being removed. At New Delhi Dental examine each of our patients carefully and watch for signs of inflammation, decay, and infection.

Why Are Root Canals Needed?

Root canals treatment are recommended to patients for several reasons, but patients often do not know they have any oral health issues until they become painful. To diagnose problems with your teeth and undergo a root canal, your dentist will need to check your tooth by tapping on it, doing an x-ray, or even performing a CT scan. All of these methods allow our dental team to find problems and recommend effective treatment.

The Process Root Canal Therapy

During a root canal, our Endodontists will make sure that you are comfortable first and foremost. Once this is accomplished, the area around the tooth will be numbed using a local anesthetic. The tooth will be separated from the other areas and tissues in the mouth by a dental dam to avoid contamination by bacteria during treatment. When everything is ready, the root canal treatment will be exposed and cleared of any tissues and bacteria inside that are causing problems.

When the canal has been cleaned, an antimicrobial solution will be used to clean the area, and an antibiotic may be applied before a filling is placed. Your tooth will need to heal before a permanent crown can be put on the tooth, which will protect it from further damages that may occur due to the weakened structure of the tooth.

By visiting your cosmetic dentist in Markham at New Delhi Dental, you can get the treatment you need for your teeth that have been affected by inflammation or infection. To learn more about root canal therapy, contact New Delhi Dental to schedule an appointment and speak with a dental professional.

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