Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Markham, ON

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Markham, ON

Wisdom teeth are the teeth located at the very back of your mouth. They’re typically the last teeth to come in and can cause problems with the surrounding teeth. Because of this, wisdom teeth extraction is one of the most common procedures performed at dental clinics.

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Painful?

Wisdom teeth removal is not painful as the procedure will be conducted under local anesthesia to numb the area. This allows for a pain-free patient experience and lets the dentist comfortably work on removing the wisdom tooth. However, patients should arrange for transport back as they’ll be under the effects of sedation. They should also have a meal a few hours before the procedure, as they won’t be able to immediately eat any foods afterward. It’s also advisable for patients to be on a softer diet for the next few days, as it can take up to two weeks for the wound to heal. During this time, the patient’s condition will gradually improve, and any swelling will go down independently.

Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal Near You

Our dental clinic provides immediate relief with emergency wisdom tooth removal. Wisdom tooth pain occurs frequently and can cause the patient excruciating pain. We relieve patients of that pain by removing their wisdom teeth when these problems arise. Patients must come in when they can, as these emergencies can be effectively dealt with when tackled early on. In severe cases, a wisdom tooth that needs to be immediately removed will cause fever and hinder the patient’s ability to move their jaw. These symptoms are normal, so we advise patients to seek emergency dental care if needed.

In need of a wisdom tooth extraction? Consider coming to our dental clinic, where we provide wisdom teeth removal in Markham. Our dental clinic offers a wide selection of affordable dental services to give you a healthier bite and can help you remove wisdom teeth when necessary. Feel free to arrange your next appointment by calling our front desk today.

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