Situations When You Benefit from Reconstructive Oral Surgery

Situations When You Benefit from Reconstructive Oral Surgery

Nov 01, 2020

Reconstructive oral surgery is merely any operative procedure taking place inside the mouth. The methods are unlike cosmetic dentistry, which may be performed on your face. However, the training needed to achieve successful reconstructive oral surgery is limited to oral surgeons to deliver exceptional results.

Many varieties of procedures are performed by reconstructive oral surgery in Markham, ON, regularly. If you are affected by any trauma that has created jaw problems, the requirement of reconstructive jaw surgery may be thrust upon you. The alignment of our jaws is essential not merely for your appearance but also the rest of your teeth and body. If your jaws are misaligned, neck and facial pain will affect you, making it challenging to speak comfortably or even eat.

Your health improves with oral surgery as it removes the discomfort you experience and creates a better bite. The recovery from this procedure is similar to having your wisdom teeth extracted. However, the eventual result is a remarkable improvement in your jaw alignment and your oral health.

Excessively Infected Teeth Need Treatment from Oral Surgery

If you have an excessively infected tooth causing severe sensitivity and pain when biting, you may need to search for an endodontist near you to get to the core of the problem. Endodontists are specialists in providing treatments for attractions within your tooth. Root canal treatment will, in every likelihood, be recommended by the professional.

The recommendation will undoubtedly cause a frenzy in you fearing the treatment. However, if you place your trust in the dental professional, it will help to preserve your natural tooth rather than have it extracted. Leaving an excessively infected tooth in your mouth can also lead to other infections affecting your entire body. Under the circumstances, the better option for you would be to undergo the treatment suggested by the endodontist and have the tooth restored with a dental crown to regain full functionality.

Missing Teeth Are Replaced by Performing Oral Surgery

When you have missing teeth, the gold standard for replacing them is with dental implants. Implant placement does not merely improve your smile but also improves the ability to eat and speak without challenges. The restorations function and appear like your natural teeth allowing you to chew correctly without concerns of the implants slipping or losing bite function.

When you seek treatment for missing teeth from the Markham dentist, dental implants are offered to you after a careful evaluation of your mouth. Unfortunately, if you don’t have sufficient jawbone in your mouth, you require bone grafting, which helps to replace and regenerate new bone. Bone grafting surgery is performed as a reconstructive oral surgery procedure by the dentist who has the experience to help you proceed with dental implant placement after the bone grafting procedures have healed.

Other Procedures Also Benefit from Reconstructive Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth extractions and dental implants are not the only procedures performed by the Markham dentist. Many patients visit the dentist with advanced periodontitis needing periodontal surgery to prevent aggravation of their oral health.

Patients with severely deteriorated tissue around their teeth are usually candidates for periodontal surgery because nonsurgical treatments are inadequate for their needs. However, the appropriate treatment method can only be determined by the periodontist treating the patient.

Reasons for periodontal surgery may include:

  • Excessively severe pockets of plaque that have withered away from the bone and needs regeneration.
  • After plaque removal, the excessive damage created needs the gums to be repositioned to prevent areas where plaque can accumulate.
  • Tooth damage can be repaired by raising the gum line.
  • Periodontal surgery helps patients appear aesthetically pleasing, especially after their gums’ recession is resulting in a toothy smile.

The Markham dentist can perform various reconstructive oral surgeries on patients who approach them with different issues. Reconstructive Oral surgery is a dental specialty to care for facial injuries by repairing routine and complicated facial skin lacerations, reconnecting severed nerves, and setting facial bones or a fractured jaw. The procedures include managing the oral tissues, jaws, cheeks, the forehead, eye sockets, and nasal bones. Dental specialists perform appropriate treatment of all facial injuries because they are well-versed in dental reconstructive surgery for physical and emotional needs.

Patients affected by injuries to the face encounter a significant degree of emotional and physical trauma. The art of healing such wounds needs specialized training and knowledge of how the treatment will influence the patient’s appearance and functionality in the long run.

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