What Are Your Options When It Is Time for You to Get Dentures?

What Are Your Options When It Is Time for You to Get Dentures?

Feb 01, 2020

When you begin recognizing the signs and symptoms that make it obvious it may be time for you to consider Dentures you should be consulting with your dentist to discover which options are best for your oral health and you. Many people learn that dentures become a necessity even after they have taken good care of their teeth throughout their life. The signs may not always be obvious but people can get a good idea by understanding the indications of when they become necessary by listening to the recommendations made by their dentist during checkups. Learning about what their options are, help people to know what to expect and to make informed decisions for their oral health.

When Does It Become Necessary to Have Dentures?

Brushing teeth regularly after meals with fluoride toothpaste and flossing every day is useful to prevent tooth loss because of decay and perhaps delay the need for dentures for as long as possible. As time passes by patients may begin displaying signs that indicate it is better to get dentures. Patients should discuss their symptoms some of which are mentioned below with their dentist to understand whether getting dentures will prove beneficial for them.

  • Patients suffering from severe tooth decay indicating that it has advanced deep enough to touch a nerve and the tooth cannot be salvaged.
  • They have shifting or loose teeth which indicate loss of bone.
  • Patients are missing teeth leading to pressure being added on the remaining teeth.
  • They have difficulties when eating chewy and hard foods which causes more pain and indigestion.

Options Available for Dentures

After determining with the dentist that the time has indeed arrived either to get partial dentures or denture implants the dentist will extract the remaining teeth from the mouth of the patient and provide the dentures selected weeks or months later after the gum tissue has healed. Conventional dentures are removable and require patients to use a sticky adhesive when affixing them into their mouths for everyday use. Depending on the health of the other teeth and the jawbone the dentist may recommend other varieties of dentures that are also available.

Patients may receive a recommendation for flexible dentures if they do not want to undergo the difficulties that often accompany conventional dentures. Flexible dentures are a perfect solution for patients that cannot or do not want to use conventional dentures. This variety is not as brittle as the other and also cling to the gums without needing denture adhesive or metal clasps to hold them in place.

Patients that have multiple teeth missing in one area that is surrounded by healthy teeth can receive recommendations for partial dentures that will be attached to their natural teeth with metal clasps or precision attachments but have a natural appearance.

Immediate dentures may be offered to patients that do not want to wait for a long time for the healing process to be completed before they can get replacement teeth in their mouth. Immediate dentures will be placed immediately after extracting the remaining teeth from the mouth but will eventually need to be disposed of in favor of permanent dentures.

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Getting Dentures?

Patients can fear dentures will appear fake, hurt, won’t allow them to have certain foods, impair their speech and may also slip out of their mouth when speaking or eating. However, with the right set of dentures developed by a skilled denture clinic patients will realize that these concerns will not follow them. Modern-day dentures appear and feel amazingly natural and function just like healthy natural teeth. However, patients must be mindful of the right quality dentures from reputed dentists rather than the dentist near you who could be offering unbelievable prices for these appliances.

Are Dentures Affordable?

A full upper denture generally costs around $ 1600 depending on the location of the patient. Patients needing upper and lower dentures can expect to spend approximately $ 3000. These prices are generally what dentists are charging. However, patients may be tempted to purchase even more affordable dentures that are being offered at lower prices but must understand they are investing in low-quality material that will not remain with them for the duration of a good quality denture. Therefore it is suggested that they make an informed decision and only decide to purchase the dentures from a clinic of repute that is willing to offer them the services they need even after the purchase.

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