What Can You Expect in Dental Exams and Cleanings?

What Can You Expect in Dental Exams and Cleanings?

Sep 01, 2022

Professional teeth cleanings and dental exams are vital for oral and general health. It is an essential part of preventive health care that helps to maintain gum and teeth health appropriately. They let you detect potential oral health issues before they develop into serious ones.

What Happens During a Dental Exam?

You can expect the following things during a dental examination:

a) Evaluate Your Overall Health

During your initial appointment with the dentist at New Delhi Dental, he/she will examine your overall health. The professional will also ask you about your medical history. It is a crucial factor that helps the dentist to ensure no risks occur during the dental treatment.

b) Examining Gums, Teeth, and Jaw

Now, the dental expert uses a metal probe to check between and behind the teeth. It lets the professional find the signs of cavities, gum diseases, etc. During the regular dental examination, the dentist will also measure the periodontal pockets.

If these pockets are deeper than 3mm, it signifies periodontitis. The expert also checks how the top and bottom teeth fit together while you bite. He/she will refer you to the orthodontist in case of a bite issue.

c) Determine the Signs of Cancer

Now, the dental expert determines the signs of throat or mouth cancer. These include ulcers or sores, blocked salivary glands, and lesions. During this, the dentist checks the sides of the tongue, inside of the lips, on the floor and roof of your mouth, and under the jaw.

d) Check Diabetes

Diabetic people are at a high risk of getting gum diseases. It’s because they fail to fight off the mouth bacteria.

e) Performing X-Rays

Digital x-rays during dental checkups let the dental expert find out the issues at the earliest. It includes tooth root problems, jaw problems, etc. X-rays are essential for effective treatment.

f) Cleaning and Polishing

The next step includes the teeth cleaning process. It eliminates the deposits of tartar and plaque by flossing and scraping above and below the gum lining. The dentist then applies a fluoride gel to the teeth to prevent decay.

The dentist or hygienist may also provide tips on proper caring of teeth. The professional cleaning process finishes with a spinning polisher. It offers a smooth and glossy finish to the teeth. The polisher also effectively eradicates the residue of tartar, plaque, and food bits missed earlier.

What Happens During Professional Dental Cleaning?

Below are the things that occur during dental cleaning:

a) A Physical Examination

The dental hygienist begins professional cleaning with a physical exam of your whole mouth. For this, they take a tiny dental mirror and check the gums and teeth for any problematic issues. The hygienist refers you to the dentist if there are any big concerns.

b) Get Rid of Tartar and Plaque Buildup

Now, the hygienist uses a scaler tool to eradicate the accumulation of tartar and plaque between the teeth and gum lining.

c) Using a Toothpaste with Gritty Consistency for Scrubbing

The next step includes professional cleaning using toothpaste with a gritty consistency. He/she brushes the teeth using a high-tech electronic toothbrush and scrubs using gritty toothpaste gently. It helps in deep cleaning and eliminating the leftover tartar buildup from the scalar.

d) Professional Flossing of Teeth

Now, the process includes a flossing session by a professional. During this, the hygienist digs deep between your teeth. It helps him/her to find the problematic areas where you might experience gum bleeding. Expert flossing removes toothpaste or remaining plaque left earlier in teeth cleaning.

e) Washing of Mouth

Now, the dental hygienist washes the mouth to eradicate the leftover grime. The professional provides a liquid fluoride mouth rinse to use at home. It makes the teeth bacteria-free and smells fresh.

f) A Fluoride Treatment

Finally, the process ends with the fluoride treatment. It shields natural teeth against cavities for a longer time. The procedure comes in many forms. The dental hygienist will ask you what suits you best. After that, he/she will put a foamy gel into the mouth.

Then, the professional waits for around one minute. Apart from this, the hygienist uses a tiny brush to paint a fluoride varnish. After it gets hard, you can have anything immediately.

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