Why Do Gums Bleed?

Why Do Gums Bleed?

Dec 03, 2021

Bleeding gums can be scary. When we spot bleeding while brushing, it could cause some concern. However, bleeding is caused by various reasons. We shouldn’t neglect the fact that dental disease can cause bleeding as well. But then, you can conclude with getting dental structure checked by the dentist in Markham, ON.

Here are the reasons why your gums bleed while brushing or flossing.

Bleeding gums are a common type of issue. Sometimes it could be caused by mild dental problems, while sometimes, it could be caused by a severe dental problem. It can also be caused by how you’re using your toothbrush. Some people believe that brushing the teeth aggressively will make it cleaner. That is not true because aggressive brushing and flossing can cause damages to your gums and other parts of your dental structure, which can also lead to gum bleeding.

However, the best way to know what is causing your gums to bleed is by speaking to the dentist. The dentist can help determine the cause of gum bleeding by performing a dental check-up on your teeth.

What Are Some Of The Popular Causes Of Bleeding Gums?

Your gums can bleed due to various reasons.

If your toothbrush is too hard, your gums can get injured and start to bleed. Also, if you just started flossing your teeth for the first time, your gums could bleed cause they are unfamiliar with the routine. Damaged dental restorations can cause bleeding gums too. That’s why it is crucial to get new dental restorations when the old one is faulty. Faulty dental restorations are a threat to your dental and general health.

Other reasons for bleeding gums are:

Gingivitis: This is a mild gum infection caused by the buildup of bacteria above the gum line, inside the gum pockets, and other areas near the gums. Gingivitis can cause gum irritation which makes the gum bleed when you brush or floss. When you have gingivitis, your gums can change their colors by turning red, and they would look puffy. You can see your dentist for gum disease treatment to prevent the gum disease from getting worse.

Gingivitis can be prevented by regular dental checkups and good oral hygiene.

Periodontitis: This is an advanced gum infection caused by untreated gingivitis (mild gum infection). It can cause severe damages to dental and general health. If periodontitis is left untreated, the tissues and bones that give your teeth support might become damaged, causing tooth loss.

Periodontitis can cause the gums to become irritated and detach from the teeth’ roots. That can make you bleed easily whenever you brush or floss. People who have periodontitis can also experience bad breath issues (halitosis), awkward taste, puffy gums, loosened teeth, and sore gums. To avoid teeth loss and bone damages, visit your dentist when you observe these symptoms. Your dentist can provide various types of periodontal disease treatment. You can get periodontal treatment in Markham, ON, at our clinic today.

Leukemia: Constant gum bleeding can also be a symptom of leukemia (cancer of the blood). Due to leukemia, the blood platelets that control and prevent the body from bleeding too much might be inactive. That can cause bleeding to occur at various body parts, and the gums are not exempted.

Diabetes: If you observe that your gums are puffy and that you bleed easily whenever you’re brushing or flossing, see your physician for a check-up because that can also be a sign of diabetes type1 or type 2.

Diabetes makes the immune system unable to fight diseases. People who have diabetes are at higher chances of developing gum infections. Due to diabetes or high sugar level, the body would have a prolonged healing process, making the gum infections deteriorate.

Lack Of Vitamin C: When the body lacks enough amount of vitamin c, the tissues responsible for making the body heal faster from wounds would be weak, thereby causing injuries to last for long. Little vitamin C in the body can make you develop bulgy gums and bleeding gums.

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